1. Uncut Casting Services has been in business since 1999 while being known for getting our members booked on principal roles and higher rate featured extra work in the range of $250-$500/day and regular background roles ranging from $120-$300/day.
  2. All members will be refunded basic registration fee if not booked and currently, it only costs $1 to get registered with Uncut!
  3. Uncut Casting has helped a large percentage of its members gain Union eligibility.
  4. Upon registration, members get their own online web profile where they can upload 3 of photos of their own choosing or that Uncut can provide that will be viewed and directly cast by Uncut’s vast casting network of 50+ casting agencies in Los Angeles on a daily basis.
  5. Uncut has 20+ years experience booking its talent and relationships with top casting agencies in LA. In addition, the Actor’s Service targets principal roles for Uncut members. Uncut can get its members on productions that are specifically tailored to the profile, experience and specific interests of each member. Members are eligible to be booked on commercials, movies, TV shows, print, public service announcements, promotional appearances, music videos and more.
  6. The Uncut team is dedicated to getting each of its members the experience they require to transition to the next stage of acting.
  7. Uncut keeps its roster down to around 250 people so that the probability of you getting submitted and booked the sought after roles increases.