1. Schedule a 45 min zoom appointment to meet with our booking team to assess your experience level and review projects that fit your “look”. We will also go over our policies regarding our booking process.

2. After registering, complete Uncut’s checklist items as quickly as possible so the Uncut team can begin submitting you to projects.   

3. Have a pen and paper anytime you see a call coming in from the Uncut office number to take down details of the booking for which you have been selected.

4. Be punctual, professional and attentive to the production staff’s needs on set so that you are asked back and have the possibility for recurring roles! Put simply, the top priority members that get selected for the highest quality projects are the ones that represent Uncut and themselves to the highest standard.

5. Save up for a smart phone and learn to use email and texting with your phone while keeping your phone on you at all times. So many times talent miss out on work because they didn’t get back to us in time or their voicemail box is full! Also, keep your voicemail short. Any company trying to book you for work doesn’t want to listen to the 1 minute intro of “In Da Club” by 50 Cent.